Ikey Group sponsors the athlete Jon Salvador in the Marathon of the Sahara

Ikey Group supports Jon in his effort to achieve the first place in the marathon whose prize will be donated entirely to solidarity projects. 

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We are working on three new projects related to sustainable development

Sum Bilbao 19, Change The Change and the World Rural Forum, three very different events with a common element: the approach towards sustainable development. In order of celebration, it is about:

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The year 2018, an intense one for Eventia-Ikey Group

Eventia-Ikey Group has had the opportunity to participate in some of the most important events that have been organized in Bizkaia. A good planning, without leaving anything to chance, and an excellent team, have allowed us to overcome them with a note. Few companies are able to design so many exciting and unique experiences, and in such a short time. Eventia is UNIQUE.

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Ikey Group involved in the fight against climate change

Climate change and the transition towards a new economic model is the greatest challenge facing our world.
CHANGEtheCHANGE, the international conference on climate change to be held in Donostia in March 2019, is the opportunity to analyze climate change from all perspective. 

First OOH campaign to cover Basque country areas and cities.

It is the first time that a dynamic outdoor campaign has been carried out with such coverage and scope in the Basque Country. It uses all the Euskotren lines and covers the Basque capitals and travels the CAPV through municipalities such as Durango, Galdakao, Amorebieta, Bermeo, Gernika, Irún, Zarautz, Eibar or Rentería .

Advertising on trains, trams and line 3 of Bilbao Metro guarantees a huge arrival, since 37 million users per year (721,000 per week) use Euskotren's public and sustainable transport service. In addition, the campaign manages to reach areas and towns in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa that have very few advertising media available.

Ikey Group designs and organises the International event on Active Aging #aalforum2018

Eventia, a company belonging to Ikey Group, has designed and organised the international event on the Active Aging Index (AAI) held in Bilbao during the Bizkaia Silver Week. #aalforum2018    

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1st Bizkaia Business Race

We formed two mixed teams to run in the 1st Bizkaia Business Race organized by CEBEK (Biscay Business Confederation) and elCorreo.com.

Around a thousand people took part in this race whose objective is to promote healthy habits (mens sana in corpore sano) and comradeship within the company and earnings of €1,920 for the Food Bank.

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New consulting program for car dealers

VASCENTER (an Ikey Group company) has started a second line of activity, the Consulting Program, aimed at the car dealership sector. Vascenter has been working for two years with car dealers obtaining LEADS for this sector, and now it will provide the following services:

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COMUNITAC to attract best advertising campaigns to trams of Bilbao and Vitoria

COMUNITAC, a Basque company member of IKEY GROUP COMUNICACIÓN and a pioneer in outdoor and digital advertising, has signed an agreement with CLEAR CHANNEL, North American advertising multinational leader in street furniture, to incorporate the advertising elements of the tram stops in Bilbao and Vitoria (MUPIS) to the national and international advertising circuits managed by Clear Channel.

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